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Official List of Clergy
Due to the current situation in the diaspora and the vast amount of clergy arriving in The United States and Canada, The Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kyivan Patriarchate would like to inform all persons that the listed clergy below are the only official members of the clergy representing The Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Kyivan Patriarchate and have the blessing of His Holiness Patriarch Filaret to serve in The United States and Canada.  

Rev. Petro Akruzhnou  
Tel: (440) 848-8358
Very Rev. Yaroslav Dumansky   
Tel: (516) 538-6806
Very Rev. Oleksandr Dviniatin
Tel: (203) 888-0673
E-MAIL: godhelp@ukr.net
Very Rev. Oleksiy Kasperuk

Pastor: Rev. Paul Koroluk
Tel: 81-422-43-5424
E-Mail: father@stjude.jp  


Rev. Ruslan Marykot

Tel: (224)409-0816

Rev.  Petro Mazepa

Rev. Stefan McInnes
11427 E. 2600 North Rd.
Cornell, IL 61319
cell: (815) 584-7880
email: revfrstefan@yahoo.com

Very Rev. Victor Poliarny
7341 Slate Run

ELGIN, IL  60124

Tel: (630) 307-2477

E-MAIL: vrevpoliarny@aol.com

Very Rev. Ivan Telebzda
Tel: (954) 914-5724

Very Rev. Michael Vasenda  
Tel:  (773) 631-0552
Very Rev. Boris Zabrodsky 
17935 Springfield
Homewood, IL 60430
Tel: (708) 799-1023

Very Rev. Jaroslaw Yarish

Tel: (215) 300 3921


Very Rev. Anatoliy Basarab

Tel: (708) 737-3881



Very Rev. Oleh Saciuk

Tel: (310) 947-2644